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DonorDrive's Privacy Information

DonorDrive is a commercial application. Cure SMA has contracted with this service to support our mission and is intended for use by you as-is. This page does not and is not intended to replace DonorDrive’s privacy policy as it relates to its use of your information.

Cure SMA uses DonorDrive to handle event registrations and payments and donations. We take your privacy extremely seriously and will never sell, rent, or lease your personally identifiable information to any third party individual, government, or company. DonorDrive will only use or disclose your information as permitted by its agreement(s) with Cure SMA and as described by DonorDrive’s privacy policy.

Read DonorDrive’s full policy.

Cure SMA’s Privacy Policy

We understand that information about you and your health is personal and private. We are committed to protecting your information, and actively work with families, employees, vendors, and outside agencies to promote and maintain your privacy.

Read Cure SMA's privacy policy.